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Discover SimTrade

Discover SimTrade

Discover SimTrade to learn about finance

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Presentation of the Discover SimTrade course   #codeLecon#

Course objectives

The Discover SimTrade course presents the educational tool SimTrade that will help you to understand how financial markets work and learn how to intervene in markets.

This course details the different pages of the trading simulation platform: « Trading », « My position », « News », « Firm » and « Analysis ».

This course also details the features of the platform: the timeline that allows you to drive your simulation and the trading interface that allows you to place orders on the market.

The concept of simulation is also developed with a presentation of the mathematical-financial model used in SimTrade.

Teaching objectives

The Discover SimTrade course will be the opportunity to get the following message: to intervene on a financial market (buy or sell) is within the reach of everyone. Beyond trading techniques such as placing orders, you also need to be aware of the risks associated with trading and investing.

Learning goals

The Discover SimTrade course will allow you to learn in practice the following points of finance:

  • Be familiar with the trading platform (know the usefulness of each page of the platform)

  • Use the timeline to control your simulation

  • Learn how to navigate in the trading platform to find the information you need

  • Master the process followed by an order (passing and executing an order)

After or during this course, you can practice what you learned by launching the simulations associated to this course.


Your grade for this course takes into account the following elements:

  • Reading the pages of the course: 5 points for each page

  • Your results for the MCQ tests: 50 points for each MCQ test

  • Your results for the comprehensive MCQ test: 100 points for the comprehensive MCQ test

About the author of the course

Professor François Longin
ESSEC Business School

« SimTrade is an educational tool to understand how financial markets work and learn how to intervene in markets. The use of a simulation tool makes it possible to discover the markets in a controlled and safe environment. »

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